Promoting research.
Decentralizing the future.

DTR is a non-profit research foundation based in Switzerland. We fund advances in technology, enabling scalable distributed trust systems.

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01 Vision

Research and development for the era of distributed trust.

Distributed technologies will be a key feature of this century as we near the point where every person in the world is connected together.

New technology is now allowing us to cooperate via open, decentralized networks, avoiding the need for centralized authorities.

Our goal is to enable and support this revolution.

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Sapiens rule the world, because we are the only animal that can cooperate flexibly in large numbers. We can create mass cooperation networks, in which thousands and millions of complete strangers work together.

-Harari, Sapiens

02 Transparency

Public responsibility.
Open decision making.

As a Swiss foundation, DTR operates with strict regulatory and reporting requirements.

We are committed to transparency and hold ourselves publicly accountable to maintain the trust of the community.

03 Research

We fund innovation.

The success of the Internet is due to fundamental research collaborations across academia, industry and governments. We’re building an ecosystem to ensure the same becomes true for blockchains.


A collaboration of academics from leading universities around the world


Drawing expertise from a diverse set of fields beyond computer science


Pushing towards the fundamental physical limits on communication networks


Addressing every layer of blockchain technology with complete solutions

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04 Unit - e

Delivering the promise of decentralized electronic cash.

Money is the world’s most universal system of institutional trust, but trust in these financial institutions has been eroded. A new approach is needed.

Our first project is the cryptocurrency Unit-e. Its unique technology is backed by the ground-breaking research DTR is funding.

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05 News

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We’re building and supporting a distributed ecosystem of collaborators across academia and industry.

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06 Donate

Support DTR

Do you share our vision? DTR is a non-profit foundation. Independent donors like you help support us and turn this vision into reality.