Funding research and development for the decentralized era

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Trust and Society

Cooperation: Our Unique Advantage

The ability to cooperate flexibly in large numbers has always been integral to the development of society.

Cooperation is mediated by trusted relationships, and the role of trust has transitioned through multiple phases.

The Phases of trust

Phase 1: Tribal Trust

Long-term relationships in small groups enabled cooperation in tribes numbering hundreds of individuals, but this couldn’t scale.

Phase 2: Institutional Trust

Trust flowing from individuals into institutions enabled millions to cooperate at scale. Many such institutions remain today: religions, nation states, and corporations.

However, institutions are organized in hierarchies, where the minority at the top may favor particular interest groups.

A new era of trust

Phase 3: Distributed Trust

We are nearing the point where every person in the world is connected together.

New technology is allowing us to cooperate via open, decentralized networks; avoiding the need for centralized authorities.

So far, these decentralized networks have faced technical challenges and been difficult to scale. Ground-breaking research is needed.

Introducing DTR

Our Mission: Innovation

We fund innovative research and development to solve the technical challenges and enable the distributed trust revolution.

Unit-e is our first project. More will follow.

Money: Our First Step

Money is the world’s most universal system of institutional trust, but trust in these institutions has been eroded.

  • Financial intermediaries charge high fees for sending payments
  • The global reserve currency and denomination of cross-border trade and payment is 
 controlled by one sovereign power
  • Economic crises and currency devaluations remain an issue for hundreds of millions
  • Billions of people are still excluded from the banking system

Our first project is Unit-e, a highly-scalable and fully-decentralized monetary and payment network.

Money is the most universal and most efficient system of mutual trust ever devised. Even people who do not believe in the same god or obey the same king are more than willing to use the same money.

- Harari, Sapiens

The DTR ecosystem

Innovative Research

We provide funding to initiatives at the forefront of decentralized technology.

Development and Governance

Contributing to the long term success of our projects.

Open-Source Philosophy

Working as a community to preserve our principles.

Apply for Funding

Join Our Community

Our motivation is decentralization and distributed trust. Are you contributing to Unit-e, or working on a new exciting project?

Applicants must meet our governance and transparency standards.